Tuesday, February 7, 2012

That was so last year...

Circa Christmas Time anyways.  I made a few of my Christmas gifts this year - three bags and a fleece shirt.

This is why that was all I has a chance to make:

This pattern is from the Fall 2011 Stitch magazine (Slouch Bag).  There were a ton of steps in the pattern, and tons of layers (Holy crap, i felt like a spent 8 hours cutting out the shell and lining fabric, and muslin, headliner and stiff interfacing pieces) to work with.  There was also a lot of top stitching required in the pattern. 

The pattern also asked for silk douppioni for the thick trim on the bag lining.  Fabricland sells it for $34 a metre so I found the perfect substitute in their home dec section which was $7 a metre.  The lining once done though was about 2 inches longer than the shell, so I had to cut off some of the trim.  It might have hurt a little doing that if it was silk douppioni.  I find there are always minor glitches with Stitch patterns, whether the pattern pieces are off, or there are missing or weird instructions.  I have actually made a few projects from Stitch magazine, so I don't mind them too much, I just need to keep an open mind when I am completing them.  (I also made the fleece shirt from the same Stitch mag which didn't go as well, but I'll leave that for another post.)

It took a few days to put together but the end result is a pretty sweet looking bag with a surprising inside.

I love the strap details at the sides of the bag.

The clear vinyl was ironed onto the bottom piece for added protection.

My sewing machine was very testy while I was sewing this bag, although I can''t blame it now - I started out using the wrong size top stitch sewing needle for my thread.  On top of that, the Teflon foot I bought to sew the vinyl bag strap was weirdly thick and when I was sewing over more than one layer the foot would slant up and the sewing needle would jam into the back of the foot opening.  This happened a few times while I was trying to figure out if there was something wrong with my machine before I realized it was the foot causing the problem.  It was a $30 Janome foot for a Janome machine - hopefully I can send them an email and get a refund for it...

I didn't want to ever make this bag again the day I finished it, but after I gave this to my sister from Christmas, I keep thinking about it, and just might make one for myself but with these changes:
*take out some of the inside thickness - it has about 4 layers of muslin, plus the headliner.
*make the bag strap a few inches longer and about a half inch narrower - my sisters one complaint is that the strap sometimes falls off her shoulder because it is pretty wide.
My sis modeling her bag

If you have made this bag, or anything else from Stitch Mag, I would love to see it so please feel free to link to your blog or pics in the comments section

Looks like this post is getting a little lengthy so I will write about the fleece shirt and other 2 bags later.

Thanks for stopping by, and Happy 2012 (February and beyond...)!!!

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