Friday, November 25, 2011

Lonsdale, I think I love you

I.  Love.  This.  Dress!!

I am so happy with how the Lonsdale dress turned out, it is simply beautiful!  And really there were so many amazing seamstresses who followed Tasia's sew along, and every dress made looks absolutely fabulous!!  The dress has a unique halter front - mine worked best double knotted, mostly to compensate for my smaller bust proportions, and I love that it ties through the back.  It is also designed with the pear shaped lady in mind, and while I didn't think I had many curves going for me, I fit the measurements for a size 10 to the T (finally a pattern where my measurements don't span over 3 sizes!).

I will definitely make this dress again in the longer length, and although I love the fit, I could still make some small adjustments to the bust area.  I followed Tasia's sew-along, finishing the sides with a french seam and bound edges at the back.  Techniques I hadn't really tried before this, and I love the outcome!  The only thing I didn't do was hand pick the zipper.  No excuses though for the next dress.

The waist is hard to distinguish because of the busy design but I love this belt with the dress.  This is actually a pretty bold fabric for me as well but I am so happy I picked it up when I found it at Fabricland!!  I ended up with quite a bit left, which I am thinking of using for the Sorbetto tank from Colette Patterns.

Thanks for stopping by!  Cheers!

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  1. I wish I could figure out patterns, Everytime I use one they fit me in all the wrong places