Monday, March 12, 2012

An Ironing Board Makeover

I love when your fabric just speaks to you, telling you exactly what it would like to be!  I was pressing this fabric, and thinking of making one of the bags I posted about here.  When I laid it down on the board though, I knew that it was really meant to be an ironing board cover - and that this would be my next (and super quick) project!

There are quite a few blog tutes out there for covers, but I used this one here (from Craftiness is Not Optional).

It was super easy, and it was actually the first time I used my serger (to which I am now helplessly hooked on) to finish the raw edges before creating the elastic channel.

I really want to name my board now - either Betty or Gertude.  My computer is Scarlet, and my sewing machine is Eleanor, so it just seems fitting to continue the pattern.

Thanks for stopping by!

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